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communicators." we want to start off by talking with the chairman of the california state board of equal ligse jerome horton. mr. horton, california has recently changed how it managed or its taxation policies when it comes to the internet, hasn't it? >> yes, peter, it has. it broadened the definition of what is taxable in california to include online retailers who meet certain criteria. >> now, said you broadened. how was it before and now who is included? >> prior to the law, the sales tax didn't apply to companies that had affiliates and worked through various different groups here in the state of california. the law broadened the definition of who actually qualities to include those individuals. so now online retailers who have affiliates in the state of california, who also have some form of brick and mortar either directly or indirectly working through other groups and in partnerships and so forth have next us in california by the definition of california law and therefore required to collect and collect the use tax in the state of california. companies that are now included would includ
years as a school board member. six years in the california legislature, proudly representing. i will never stop fighting with fighting for education orne and -- never stop fighting for education. we have had to collectively whether these very difficult economic times. this november, the county has a choice. it has not had in decades, to have a different kind of representation in congress that believes in the same values as the people. we want to expand the middle class, get our economy back on track, create jobs, protect medicare and social security, and stand for a woman's right to choose, with equal access to health care and equal pay for equal work. all of us want an advocate for the middle class and president obama needs a congress that will help them expand the middle class and move our country forward. i promise you i will work my work.erol l work.ute the of >> they give for offering this lively debate and allow only everybody to come out here tonight to understand where we stand on specific issues. does the other day, my neighbor came up to me and said, why are you runnin
, and elsewhere, california. everything that we have been asked to do, we have exceeded expectations. again, we have over 70 districts in play. we have 52 red-to-the candidates. we only need 25 to win the house back. -- red-to-blue candidates. we only need 25 to win the house back. we have enough districts in play. we have a defined battle space. the battle gives the scene of districts in place to win 25 seats could but there's no question about it. it will largely depend on the wind. if the gender -- president generate enough win on our back, it will be easier could if something goes wrong and we have the wind in our face, we will might get the 25 seats. >> what are these emerging districts that you are thinking of that were not necessarily in plate or that are now in play? >> we have districts in florida in play and we're doing very well. jose hernandez against jeff dunham in play, really doing well. just those two in florida. bell deming set against webster, we're doing very well. those are places where the pundits did not think we had a chance in and now they are in play. this goes to our
states are? california has been mentioned. and the home state of the new york. where are these going to have to be? >> i think new york is very important. florida. there are a lot of seats in florida. you mentioned california. some are not president of battleground states. and then you of some of the battleground states. florida being one. we have some in ohio. and some southwest race is. colorado. a number of important races there as well. again, i think that the good news for democrats is that momentum is building. refining and lot of republicans in congress who are always pretended to be moderates. all of a sudden these hardcore party members of congress are running ads like -- we really want to enter into a bipartisan agreement. we will see. i think the voters will hold them accountable, voting for a very extreme budget plans. >> congressman, chris van hollen, thank you. >> we are back with our two reporters. and the puzzle cliff, what is it? are we going off of it? what's the fiscal cliff are the spending cuts and tax increases that will take effect at the end of the year unless
like illinois, new york and elsewhere, california, and so, everything that we have been asked to do we have exceeded expectation. again, we have over 70 districts in place. we have got 352 red to blue candidates. we only need 25 to within the house back. there are outlier districts that we didn't think would be on the boards that are now on the bards even the rothenberg report ap the cook report have acknowledged that over the past weekend. and so we have enough districts in play. we have defined battle space. our battle space gives us enough districts in plain order to win 25 seats but there is no question about it. it is largely going depend on the wind. if the president generates enough wind in the back then we get those 25 seats if it is neutral environment much harder. if something guess wrong and we got wind in our face. we'll not get those 25 seats. we are talking about a field goal. what are these districts you are thinking that were not necessarily in play or now in play? i mean, you are interested in seeing where you see these seats? >> well you know, we have got districts t
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-span2, eric cantor will square off for the race for california seventh district. it will be on c-span2. >> every generation there are history has worked and sacrificed to leave a better country to their children and grandchildren. we were then spending their money. we are much more spending their money. we are leaving them a mess. it to be very difficult to deal with. if we are that week, just think of who want to come here for. we're seeing our country taking over. we're so we cannot do anything. we are moving in that direction. we have got to start fixing this now. otherwise it is a disaster. we could even lose our country. >> ross perot interviewed by richard wolfe and how it has changed since he ran for president in 1992 and 1996. by his article in today's edition of "usa today" ross perot tonight on c-span at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> of the archdiocese of washington red mass yesterday marking the start of the new term. it is named after the color of the garments help buy the claridge held on the sunday before the court held this. six of the nine attended yesterday's services of st. m
that california's results did not make that survey by the department of labour. california had double-digit unemployment that would have kept it above 8%, basically where it was. this just happens to be a mistake one month before the election. this is totally skewed it. you have to pay attention to networks like yours. they are not going to buy into the partisan democratic rag papers like the times. it is a democratic party organ. host: thank you for the call. newspaper endorsements, do they matter. we will get a look at what to expect tomorrow in the third and final presidential debate. later we will check in with three radio talk show hosts from three key battleground states. we follow that with newsmakers, 7:00 for those on the west coast. our guest is the ranking democrat on the house budget committee. during the conversation, one of the questions that came up, the so-called fiscal cliff, what to expect after the election as the deadline looms. [video clip] >> with respect to the sequester park, the automatic across-the- board cuts that take place on defense, i think there is a pr
by the university of southern california says schwarzenegger institute. panelists include john mccain d.d former senator tom battl [applause] >> we all breed the same air. please welcome governor arnold schwarzenegger. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. for the fantastic introduction. that is exactly the way i voted. and also, thank you very much for your great partnership. one thing i want to correct is that i did not win miss universe. bikinis, waxing and -- i did not win that. is mr. universe. i wanted to say how enthusiastic i am about being in a partnership with usc. we were drawn to the president 's extraordinary vision and commitment to usc, and to the the schwarzenegger institute. i am looking forward to appearing all over the world and leaving audiences scratching our heads and saying, what the did he just say? he is a great leader and we are very lucky to have you. [applause] i also want to say thank you to bonnie, the new global director of the sport's a neighbor institute. she is been marmoset for decades, helping to coordinate after-school programs, and being m
trying to kill energy, who are you betting on? >> in california they're saying to us to allow the winter fuel blend to be used early changes the price by 50 cents a gallon. they have been paying $5 a gallon in california. >> like the europeans. >> california is america, if we don't change. that is the scary part. we can see the future. just look at california. no one would want to go there. stop trying to be the federal government is the message to california. they need to pull back from their own regulations. i do think that we have this opportunity that it all fits under a growth leg. i think we would say -- and governor kasich is looking at this and governor davis is working on it, so you take the energy issue and say now i can fix some of the infrastructure needs that have been piling up. if we start doing that, we will be short on labor in this country. we will need to retrain the people who are not trained or skilled. the potential is enormous if there's any vision and any leadership. >> we will take questions in a moment. first i want to ask about the front page of the new york ti
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a republican from california, good morning. how affective do think political ads are? caller: think it is about finding a balance between the pacs and the candidates. i have a lot of friends to think the negative ads go too far. when they actually attack the candidate with the facts, i think they are effected. host: looking back at this "new york daily news" story - she's a single mother and one of the undecided voters. neil, fort lauderdale, independent college. caller: i'm not really an independent in view of the silly stuff going on. i fancied myself as a political agnostic. i believe that political campaign ads are effective if one has been in bed. -- inept. one can clearly know when one is being duped. the lady called from florida rick berg -- referred to independents lacking education. there are a lot of independents out there. the reason we are independent is because we will make up our own minds. i thank you for your time. host: about undecided voters? caller: i think the undecided voters are probably those who are dealing with the daily day- to-day stresses and they don't really unders
in a lifetime for me. we travelled from california just to be here. it was an incredible civics lesson to see them face to fac that was really an amazing opportunity. >> i agree with their. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to be in the arena tonight to see the two candidates. >> there are some monitors behind you. were you watching the candidates or splitting your eye contact between the monitors and what was on stage? >> i was fortunate to see both candidates. >> what about the body language? >> i thought they were both composed. i think they were both very well rehearsed and very ready to debate each other. >> from your standpoint? >> the same. i think the president was comfortable and romney came in also prepared. >> who comes out a winner tonight? >> i think mitt romney was a little more presidential in his ability to connect things he is planning to do and how he would like to take the country. i think he really laid out his plan to keep the constitution with his mention of the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, i
is hosted by the university of southern california schwarzenegger's institute for state and global policy. panelists include senator john mccain and former senator tom daschle. >> we all breathe the same air. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the institute and the inaugural holder of the governor downey chair professor of state and global policy at u.s.e., governor arnold schwarzenegger. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much for the fantastic introduction. that's exactly the way i wrote it. [laughter] also thank you very much for your great partnership. one thing i wanted to correct what you said today is i did not win miss universe. different bikinis, waxing, all of those things i did not win that competition. it's mr. universe. anyway, i want to say how enthusiastic i am about being in partnership with u.s.c. the president from the beginning was -- we were drawn to his creativity and vision. his extraordinary vision and commitment to u.s.c. and schwarzenegger institute is unmatched. to be honest also, great being the only one tha
's significantly harder. our former california governor and convener here at our wonderful institute. former governor and house member and member of the cabinet, tom ridge and republican of pennsylvania also -- and forme house member and governor of the house, governor of minnesota. -- of new mexico. and i figured i would let them all sit down first then figure out which one was my chair. >> i come to -- that's be why senator mccain, you're the brave man here. you worked with senator crist and the majority leader while you all held those jobs. but it doesn't happen very often before people take office. and we have wonderful examples from or former presidents. i mean bill chriss campaigned against you, but he didn't defeat you. president carter defeated >> and now he works with and with george w bush as well. and the time i was interviewing president bush was when i was doing a piece on the former president. in the same i don't understand what's going on in washington. said when i was minority leader in the house and my father and your father was the majority leader of the house, he said we w
california. go ahead, please. we will go to charles next, who is joining us from arkansas. go ahead, charles. caller: what is -- if people would listen to what is going on, they would see that romney is doing a lot of rambling. i really do not think that he knows what he is talking about. host: ben -- ahmed is joining us. are you still undecided? caller: i am leaning towards obama because he seems to be a strong leader. i was supporting romney before, and romney seems to be everywhere on every issue. host: george is on the phone from kansas. a supporter of governor romney. good evening. caller: how're you doing? i thought romney did a wonderful job and obama was all over the table. i support romney 100%. i hope he becomes our president. obama has not done anything that he said he was going to do. host: earlier tonight, jim, the campaign manager for the president, in a meeting with reporters, we carry it on our web site, here is a portion. >> you cannot have any clearer of a choice than you saw on this issue. the back-and-forth on the military budget, romney will regret that answer for a very
to be competitive in california, oregon, and washington. one way to be competitive is to have a less aggressive foreign policy that does not always think war is the answer and be more tolerant when it comes to people who do not agree with us on every issue and be a fiscally conservative party that believes in balancing the budget. if you ran primarily on the message of balancing the budget and that was the primary message, even in california, there were democrats who would voted for you if the new york primary purpose was to control government and control out of control deficit spending. >> what about 2016? >> nobody knows what happens to a week from tuesday. we will see what happens a week from tuesday. my primary purpose is going around the country campaigning for governor romney. i hope governor romney wins a week from tuesday. >> susan ferrechio. >> another component is the senate. you need four seats for republicans to take control. it looks as if things were going -- looked as if things were going in favor of the republicans for a while. there were some sleep -- there were some controvers
have to win florida and do we have to win ohio? i'd rather be competitive in california, oregon, and washington and all of new england, and i think one way to be competitive is to have a less aggressive foreign policy that doesn't always think war is the answer, and to be a little bit more of a tolerant party when it comes to people who don't always agree with us on every issue. and still to be a fiscally conservative party that believes in balancing the budget. i think if you ran primarily on the message of balancing the budget and that was a primary message, even in california, i think there are even democrats in california that would vote for you if they knew that your primary purpose and what you wanted to control government for was to control out of control deficit spending. >> so you'd leave that window open for 2016? >> you know, nobody knows what happens a week from tuesday and we'll see what happens a week from tuesday, but my primary purpose now is i have gone around the country campaigning for governor romney, and i'm hoping that governor romney wins is a week from tu
environment for that talent. >> energy and then campaign finance. >> you are looking at california right now. their massive increases in the costs. when consumers are paying for gasoline, they're not able to purchase their basic commodities every day. what is happening? governor brown is proposing a relaxation of regulation that impact energy industry. that is clearly a concession that regulation drives the costs of energy. we need to have the same focus of discussion in washington. what is happening in california can happen -- >> it is harder to buy gas in california and hawaii, from what i heard. -- than hawaii, from what i heard. >> if you have a stool with two legs, it will fall over. look at what the canadians did with their cash cow. we have more of a cash cow in energy than anyone. we can do spending, taxes, and energy with our cash cow. we can make a real deal. >> tom, you think this will happen with the makeup of the government we have today? >> i think when people figure out there is a big chunk of change and there is a debate of people trying to protect entitlements and those tryi
vote. california is on board, maryland, a few other states. when the agreement reaches critical mass, when there are enough states on board to have a majority of electoras --host: \ they need 270 -- host: they need to under 70. guest: it is -- host: thaey need 270. bank people in california are not our friend voters -- guest: it changes the dynamic. the current system is a good value for special interests and the people who fund the elections. they can dump all this money in a high of 81 not see any as in most other states just out of balance -- not see any -- of all this money in ohio and not see any in most other states. it is out of balance. caller: in missouri, we have high an -- todd akin republican rep. i believe democrats voted him in his and i know a lot of republicans who did not vote for him. i say, go head and vote for a kin. ostracized for all republicans. claire mccaskill has been the current politician. then there will be term limits and it will stop all of this misinformation and voting across the lines. scientists political also states that legislatures like sacrament
. the president is in california. he is dedicating the seas are chavez national monuments has fund-raisers up in san francisco. paul ryan is in ohio and in michigan. vice-president biden is practicing for his debate, which is thursday night in kentucky. you can watch a number of different cameras and events surrounding the debate. you can also follow tweets that are being tweeted about the vice-presidential debate. you can see our debate preview program beginning at 7:00 p.m. the debate begins at 9:00 p.m. and then falling we will get your reaction. erick is an antioch, california. what did you think of the speech? caller: not that much. during the debate i was really impressed with the governor, but at the convention there was not one word about any of this and now he is talking like it is the biggest issue. it sounds like leading from behind, which is what he criticized before. it seems like if mitt romney twins, it sounds like we're going to funding the military- industrial complex and not much else. that is all i have to say. host: roger from virginia on democrats line. caller: thank you
or california or florida. it might go back to the lead generator or go to a company that is trying to pitch this scam to you. frequently, you will speak to a qualifier. they will ask a few questions whether you have at least $10,000 credit card debt and at least two credit cards and they might just hang up on you. they will not give you a real name or a caller i.d. number. when you answer and talk to them, you don't know anything about them. you think you know there and you think you know their name and you think you know where they are because they might call for an area code that is near you. in fact, it could be in panama, india, or california or anywhere. in some cases, they'll just hang up on you. they've got your number and your name and they know that you are someone who is interested in producing a credit card debt and they will sell that information to many different scammers will try to call you and pitch you debt relief services. sometimes you will immediately get transferred somewhere else in the country or somewhere else in the world and they will try to sell you how you need t
: on carper to page -- on our twitter page -- margie joins us from california. a supporter of governor romney. your reaction tonight. caller: i think actions speak louder than words. obama's actions over the last four years has shown what he is capable of with our country. if he is elected another four years, our country may not be able to recover. i think mitt romney's actions shows his schools were number one. i think he should be our next president. thank you. host: senator john kerry said this out earlier tonight -- there is this from karl rove -- just some of the comments and reactions come in tonight. nick, undecided from georgia. good evening. caller: nick, please turn the volume down. we want to hear from you. we will move on to brenda from kentucky. supporter of the president. caller: good evening. yes, i have watched all three debates and i have thoroughly enjoyed them. i cannot believe people are so naive to believe that the president has not done everything he can in these last four years to make a better america for us. i think obamacare is probably one of the most fantastic king
a shot of energy back in there. host: you are a native from california, now living in ohio. california is not even in the mix, the president yesterday raising money. what is it like for you? guest: as someone who studies election law, it is great to be in a state where you see presidential candidates campaigning. because of our electoral college system, most of the country nowadays, it is a small number of states that get virtually all of the attention. we are either the beneficiaries are the victims, depending on your perspective. you cannot turn on the television in ohio without seeing a campaign advertisement, including many presidential advertisements, without being hit by a motorcade. in your station, channel 10, at 5:30 in the morning there is a six minute commercial break and in those minutes six different commercial ads ran. at what point is there a law of diminishing returns? guest: if your campaign has the money, you cannot go quiet. i think he would be at a disadvantage, if they go dark. more importantly, to answer the question, the vote in ohio is today, this week. these ca
from california, a republican there. what are your thoughts on this this morning, on the trust level of government during natural disasters? caller: my mother and i were just talking about it last night and i said i do trust the federal government. we have the highest amount of intelligent resources, first responders. we have state of the art technology in the 911 emergency equipment. we've got all of that at our disposal. but i do believe, i said mom, we have to let the states get a mandate of what they need with eyes on the ground and let them handle the first responders and when it first happens within the first few days or weeks and if this turns into a long-term disaster like the fires we had in california and earthquakes, then the federal government has established itself and can start putting its boots on the ground so to speak. but for the american people to blame the government lake blame bush -- like blame bush, the state should take care of it in the beginning. host: that is how it works right now according to a pest in the "washington post." he says that local and state o
by the democrats, we have three seats in north carolina. there is a seat in indiana and california so we feel good about where we are going. we know this will be a tight election and this is the crunch time for both parties. host: david wasserman goes on to handicap the balance of the house -- guest: we need 25 seats to take back a house and those are his rankings. there are 66 seats across the country right now that president obama won in the 2008 election that are either controlled by republicans for our brand new season the districting not controlled by a democrat right now. we feel terrific about our prospects. we have 53 candidates currently on our registered blue program that highlights our best campaigns. that is twice the number of seats we need to take back the majority. there is plenty of capacity for us to take this back. wasserman has been moving the rankings in our way. host: he also takes up the point you made that democrats are fond of noting how may house republicans were carried in 2008. and and guest: we have 53 candidates. these are campaigns that are our highest benchmarks for
being built in california now by the chinese people. and my state, my governor, brought in teachers from india, relocated them, paid them to relocate, plus the dream act, paying them to relocate. where our teachers are laid off. so i'm saying he keeps blaming bush, blaming bush. well, you can only blame bush so long, and the democrat from florida talking about, oh, the billionaires are against him. who do you think is putting up the money for him to go from state to state at our expense? host: that's bonnie in maryland. we've got an item from "the washington post" this morning. this is by paul cane, the headline, harry reid hurt in a car crash. he's got an update. he says that reid suffered from rib and hip contusions and was cleared for release by doctors, according to the statement from his office. some members of his security detail, along with a staffer, also experienced minor injuries. this is talking about a crash outside of downtown las vegas. host: back to the phones. lisa in parker, colorado, is on our line for independents. good morning, lisa. caller: hello, good morning. host:
of racial affirmative action at colleges and public employment, including blue states like california, michigan, and washington. the second major problem facing affirmative-action, of course, is the legal issue, which will be joined in the fisher case. many people expect the u.s. supreme court is going to curtail or even eliminate the ability of universities to use race in admissions. the court has visited this issue before, in 1978, and then in 2003. both times by a very narrow margin, 5-4, the u.s. supreme court upheld the use of modest racial preferences as the only way to achieve racial and ethnic diversity. justice harry blackmun tennessee said in the 1978 case, i suspect it would be impossible to arrange an informant -- affirmative action program in a racially neutral way and have to be successful. to ask this to be so is to demand the impossible. to get beyond racism, we first must take account of race. there is no other way. but then texas, univ. of texas found that there is another way to create racial and ethnic diversity. as a set of figures suggest, in 1996, u t austin con
in north carolina, a seat in arkansas and a seat in indiana and a seat in california. we feel good about where we're going. we know this is going to be a tight election. and this is a crunch time for both of the parties. host: he goes on to handicap the balance of the house like this saying that republicans by no means have fallen into a sink hole here. they have a need to knock off between 35 and 40 g.o.p. incumbents yet today there are only 35 g.o.p. income bents and only eight in likely republican category. guest: well we need 25 seats to take back the house. and those are his rankings. what i can tell you is there are e6 seats across the country right now that president obama won in the last election that are controlled by lepcans or brand new seats not controlled by a democrat right now. we feel terrific about our prospects. we have 53 candidates right now on our program that highlights our best campaigns. that's twice the number of seats that we need to take back the majority. so there is presentty of capacity for us to take this back. washington, as you saw is continuing to move t
brown in california assigned -- making sure that internet protocols would remain free from regulation. that was a bipartisan group coming together saying we want to have an ovation and we want to incentivize investment in that next -- an ovation and we want to incentivize assessment and the next generation. >> joining our conversation is one of our guest reporters. >> let us talk a bit more about communication. you were just mentioning -- do you think in a few years tech companies will be competitive with cable companies in wire line access? >> i think so. there has been an increased amount of competition. last year alone, $66 billion of infrastructure investments -- that is a substantial amount. especially in the current economic climate. i cannot believe they would not make eight investment if they did not think it was a competitive marketplace. -- a investment if they did not think it was a competitive marketplace. the rules of the road are going to be -- they wanted the rules of the road to be predictable. we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make sure their regu
obama campaign, former deputy assistant to president obama, spoke at california state university northridge to discuss lessons learned from the 2008 campaign and how they can be applied to this year's campaign. >> this is something of a homecoming for me. i grew up until i was in third grade, i live in lakewood california. and i spent a lot of time in this area. this was a holiday place for me. all my relatives lived scattered from granada hills to this area. this is where we came every christmas and thanksgiving and so forth. it's a great honor to come back here. to tell you about myself, when i was in third grade i moved to a two-r rivers, california. a small town. i had the same intent kids i went to school with every year until a great. when i got into high school, we were bused into the valley and picked up a lot more classmates. we did a lot of outdoor activities, camping, fishing, hunting, played ball. and so, eventually, i ended up at uc santa barbara as a student of political science. having grown up rural and kind of small, i never imagined i could work in the white hou
in libya. i heard somewhere a report that maybe california had not
in libya. i heard somewhere a report that maybe california had not filed their numbers and timed to be reflected in the latest job numbers that came out. i have not had those discussions with chairman issa our committee staff. >> you have to leave it there. >> let me pick up on the conversation of this so-called facing. he asked him about that. what is happening right now? what did you hear? >> it is interesting. ever wish i to figure out these situations. we cannot even begin to figure of these scenario until november 7. it is clear they're not thinking seriously until they know who has won. it is very interesting that he said he would allow sequestration to take effect even if nothing else happens. other republicans have indicated that they want to delay sequestration, but a better plan. sounds like he and his colleagues would not be on board with that. >> that is a big take away from this interview. he said do not suspend sequestration. the republicans are fractured y of these talks saying that we need to do what ever it takes to stop the defense cuts from happening. now you h
but it is a different perspective than washington, d.c. our colleagues in california are on a screen at their own table 3,000 miles away talking. they have a different perspective on things. things that seem important to us in washington seem irrelevant there. the reverse can be true. it is great to have a conversation back and forth. it adds to the fact that we have bureaus across the country with like chicago, we have full time people in new orleans for a couple of years after katrina, and having people in different places just really enriches the conversation and the range of stories you can do. >> one of your radio reports, so people can hear you, this is on the road. we will find out afterward. [video clip] >> this is morning edition. >> i am standing on the ruins of carthage. we are by the mediterranean sea which is almost sky blue. this city was the capital of an empire, destroyed by the romans more than 2000 years ago and rebuilt before it fell into ruin again. what we see are a couple of stone columns and the foundations of ancient buildings. we came here to begin a journey along the coast lin
. the accusations include billing the government for unnecessary ambulance rides in california. writing prescriptions force patients in dallas that did not qualify. the investigation is part of an effort by the obama administration for health care savings. next is a call from florida, this is gerard. caller: thank you for taking my call. my call this morning -- [unintelligible] when you answer the question, about the role of the government, [unintelligible] they believe people can vote without an id. [unintelligible] i do not understand that. i need someone to explain that. host: thank you. from florida on a voter id. on twitter -- the government's role is to ensure that america is a nation of laws. were billionaire tax cheat sit next to mom welfare cheat, both broke the law. next is sean. pennsylvania, a democrat. good morning, you are on. i am callingler: in about the debate that took place on monday. i believe the wealthy should pay more taxes. isght now, the middle tax suffering. that mitt romney literally lied. he said this, and then last night he changed -- wednesday night he chan
and how that affects campaign 2012 -- and gas prices, california gas prices are expected to relax. they have had high prices recently and the governor has called for an early winter blend fuel. starting today and every tuesday up to election day we will get electoral scoreboard updates from a variety of publications. today features the wall street journal electoral map. a political reporter is joining us from the wall street journal. colleen? guest: first, we can see which states are swing states. we have at 8. a fairly small number of states up for grabs. within those states you can look at several measures. it's important to understanding the state's as we talk about the economy and the national economy and it's important to look at the economy within each of these dates so you can look at unemployment numbers and see how much a gallon of gas will cost in virginia and look at the history of each of these states to give you a sense of where they have been in the past and where they might be headed. so it gives you a good sense of which states are in play. you can even make your o
finance. >> you are looking at california right now. their massive increases in the costs. when consumers are paying for gasoline, they're not able to purchase their basic commodities every day. what is happening? governor brown is proposing a relaxation of regulation that impact energy industry. that is clearly a concession that regulation drives the costs of energy. we need to have the same focus of discussion in washington. what is happening in california can happen -- >> if you have a stool with two legs, it will fall over. look at what the canadians did with their cash cow. we can do spending, taxes, and energy with our cash cow. >> tom, you think this will happen with the makeup of the government we have today? >> i think when people figure out there is a big chunk of change and there is a debate of people trying to protect entitlements and those trying to kill energy, who are you going to bet on? >> in california -- it will save as much as 50 cents per gallon. they pay as much as $5 per gallon in california. california -- it is a scary thought. we can see the future. look at califo
on to friday from los angeles, california. caller: i do not think they do matter. people believe what they want to believe. i remember when my political philosophy changed. i said, now, all people have to do is find out about free enterprise and how it works. people will realize it is the way to go. no. politics is almost like a religious belief to some people. you can point out any facts he went to and they will ignore them. i will admit that comes from both sides. people do not vote on facts, they vote on the motion. the vote on some kind of family tradition or racial or religious tradition for whatever reasons jews vote democrats. i wish facts did matter, but most people do not care. host: what facts do you think they're being ignored? caller: when you make regulations on an economy and pretend that will not hurt the economy. when you put regulations to the point that if bankers make a loan and the loans did not work out and people lose their money, not only will you go bankrupt, but you might actually go to jail. do you not think that will have an effect on people making loans? you just ign
those heading back. from sacramento, california on our independent line, the morning. caller: the morning. as far as the gender gap, i want to talk about micro lending, which presupposes that women are the justice the words of the economy because they will turn their investments the with-are be trusted stew -- the trusted stewards of the economy. where is income one to come from if the bush tax cuts are reversed? what is going to happen if we increase money on defense and all of these promises. where is the return on investment in romney's vision? why is the intelligence of the american people, especially women, being consulted with all of this language of class warfare? it is completely of certification. i wish there was a more egalitarian few -- view of why it is so important to -- host: a look at food prices from a different perspective. the headline says, u.s. farmers reel from tea prices. much of the u.s. corn and soybean crop had the worst crisis in decades. thailand, turkey, vietnam will increase purchases this year. washington is buying $100 million in pork and $50 mi
take control from the state of california? this is what it's all about, dr. ruiz. i and others, including partners like senator feinstein, senator denise due chaney have also been working very hard on the salt and sea. time is of the essence. right now is an opportunity to finally get the support of neighboring communities, all the way to the city of los angeles. i've called for two congressional hearings as soon as possible into the matter of the salt and sea. but dr. ruiz, this thing you're bickering about bickering is getting old. i'd like to point to people -- >> time, congresswoman. >> thank you. >> dr. ruiz, you have 30 seconds. >> yes. this is another example of a failed promise and failure to lead. she's had 14 years and we see she is still talking about the same thing. nothing has happened. nothing has got done. the other thing is -- and i think one of the reasons is because you're so out of touch, you're so out of sight. you're harder to find than waldo unless people pay to see you. it's very difficult. so we have to make sure that we have true leadership and bring pe
the national political reporter and you can read her work at the mark in california is our next caller, calling on our line for independents. go ahead, mark. >> caller: hi. i just wanted to say, you know, as far as the ground game with the democrats and republicans, there's not enough coverage given to the alternative parties to actually make it a truly level playing field. libertarian party doesn't get any coverage, nor does the green party. >> host: all right, mark in california. does the size of the manpower in these various swing states dictate or attract a certain amount of media coverage from what you've been able to see. >> guest: i don't think. in fact, i think this is an aspect of the campaign that probably doesn't get covered enough, considering how important it is, how much time and money the campaigns spend on it. it's important not to overestimate the significance of a field operation, the sort of political rule of thumb is that you may get two points out of it. you know, over what you would get if there were no kneeled organization. -- field organizatio
at online registration. i believe, california and connecticut have adopted that, if i'm not mistaken. and i think something like eight states have that in place. it will make it easier for people to register. host: our first call for our guest is from boyars down, pennsylvania, republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning pedro. good morning, melanie. and you said in pennsylvania that there was no voter i.d. lot. the voter i.d. law was upheld, but it will not be placed into effect for this november's election. is that correct? guest: that is right. host: basically, you interest -- caller: basically, you introduced it as a partisan thing. but isn't it that a lot of states are just trying to make sure it is one person-one vote and that by approving who you are and will make it easier to assure that each person only gets one vote? rather than trying to disenfranchise orson -- story out of ohio is saying or make it seem like these laws are trying to attend to to disenfranchise a group of voters. it isn't it really preventing the disenfranchisement of all voters by making sure that one person
high in california. gentlemen like your guest are in control of california and have destroyed the ability to build power stations. as far as climate change, the fact is the scandal regarding the e-mails and the corruption of the data was proven. i would like to go into mr. gore's energy credits scandal in the cap and trade at how people have corrupted that and failed to make money on that. it has been debunked and the president's -- host: you brought up a lot of points. guest: thank you, edward. gas prices in california -- there were two huge refineries that shut down for different reasons and that shorten the supply for gasoline in california. they pay premium grade gasoline in california and can sell every drop of that gasoline that they produce for a premium. as for the climate, there has been confusion but this is not about e-mails. this is about arctic ice melting. the lowest level in history. we are not talking about a small measure. we have lost arctic ice, enough to cover the east coast of the united states. the pentagon flies a satellite over that ice 14 times each da
playing field are so important. we would expect a lot of stores in california to find growing sales. but to not hold your breath, this is not likely to be the case. they buy online for convenience, choice, and lower prices. >> steve delbianco talks about whether goods sold over the internet should be taxed, tonight at 8:00 on "the communicators." >> when i watch c-span i particularly like the congressional hearings on proposed pieces of legislation. more importantly, the house of representatives. i find the congressional hearing coverage of particular interest. such as with veterans affairs appropriations. if you realize there's something in the newspaper and you want to get more, you can go to c-span. there was raw data, raw information. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979. brought to you as a public service by your television provider. host: we are looking at a live shot of lynn university in boca raton, florida. the debate will be moderated by bob schieffer of cbs news, host of "face the nation." you are looking at the interior of where the debate will happen
are not an outlet. we are a program at the university of california, a graduate program that does reporting, but we are working with different organizations. we do not really have an initiative, per said, but there are organizations that are doing incredible work with citizens. "the guardian" in the u.k. is the best example of a large organization that works with citizens on a huge scale. one of the things they did in the last couple years was pulled from public records about the way their politicians are spending money. millions of documents. they created a form and citizens volunteered to go through those millions of documents and competed. it was amazingly successful. i do not know how many thousands of people participated, but it was a lot. "the guardian" is very innovative. american journalists are trying to find ways to do this -- to engage citizens. we do not get a lot of cold calls or tips, but we never ignore. i do not know if there are journalists out there -- we never ignore a tip. i do not care how crazy it seems, how far-fetched -- we always follow up. you will be surprised at how many
romney and his running mate paul ryan in lancaster, ohio. later, a live debate from california's 36 district between republican incumbent mary by matt and democratic challenger raul ruez. vice president biden and his wife campaigned today in wisconsin. it is his first campaign stop following thursday night's vice presidential campaign. this is about half an hour. >> hello, everyone. it is great to be here today. how about the content the debate? did joe do great last night? [cheers and applause] i am so proud of him. last night, i saw the july note, someone who truly understands what is going on in people's lives. -- i saw the joe i know, someone who truly understands what is going on in people's lives. somebody who truly stands for the middle-class and someone who showed us a clear picture of the choice in this election. and now, it is my pleasure to turn this over to someone who has been fighting hard for the kind of america that we want to live in, someone who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work to keep moving this country forward, my husband, our vice presi
. next call. california. good morning. what do you think about a sense of humor? caller: i think it is important. i think matt romney overdid it. and what up to the president way too much. that is what i think. host: how, one man can make the jokes but not the other? was the tone of? the comments? caller: i think mitt romney did a good job overall. but obama was hilarious. there are a lot of his dinners where he just really knocks it up. host: did it humanize mitt romney for you? caller: i already see him as a human. so not really. host: kathleen writes -- next call, democrat from louisiana. caller: i watched this last night when it came on. i know that they did right -- i know someone else wrote these things. but i agree with the caller that just called and. about governor romney. you know, he took too many shots at president obama. i thought president obama's jokes were better. host: arkansas. joining us now on our line for democrats. what do you think? how important is humor? caller: i think -- they have both been a very, very funny. they both said god bless america. and that
independent line. danny is in modesto, california. you are on the air, tammy. go ahead. >> it is not what i want to hear, it is what i believe about joe biden. he says he is a roman catholic that is for abortion, which really bothers me. caller: -- host -- >> you are on the other line, who are you voting for? >> mitt romney. i have been watching it every day. i believe that mitt romney is a true american, a catholic. joe biden says he is a catholic, but his for abortion, which is an abomination. >> let's go to an obama supporter in california. >> i just want to hear president obama on the fema conversation that he had, letting it go to states, so that the people that suffered the disaster -- >> tying in to the female response, the role of the federal government in the hurricane is tied to your vote? >> sorry? >> your tying in the role of the mob? wax on the last days of his campaigning, i understand that mitt romney took us there, to fina. if he cared about the american people, and why as chris christie now depended on the fema, if he is such a supporter of mitt romney, he will depend on th
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